YumBot: Conversational UI

Team Members:

Peggy Lu, Brian O’Connor, Mishael Sedas, & Ashley Smith

Design Challenge*:

Create a conversational user interface (UI) to better satisfy users. We have designed a conversational UI that employs machine learning, taking into account Yelp’s** user reviews and the specific desires of a customer looking to find something yummy to eat.

Our design focuses on Indiana University students who are ordering food through BTownMenus**. When it is late and money is tight, students want to order something that is cheap, quick to order, and they know will taste good. With these factors in mind, we have created YumBot.

** These real companies were not involved in this school project and we used their names pretending this was a real design challenge.


*Design challenges from Human-Computer IDP I541 Indiana University Interaction Design, Copyright 2016 Martin Siegel